Inetbib 2013

Time to reanimate my blog. Hooray! There is another Inetbib on the horizon (March 4-6, 2013), and so, life is good. There are many excellent German library conferences like the AKThB (Catholic Libraries)- especially their joint events with the VkwB (Protestant Libraries)- , the ASpB (Special Libraries), and the Bibliothekartag and Bibliothekskongress (all libraries), but the Inetbib is in a class by itself – the blazing supernova among serviceable asteroids. The Inetbib 2013 will take place in my favorite city to visit, Berlin, and at one of my favorite places of serious study, the Humboldt University. I am so looking forward to March 2013.


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retired librarian, science fiction fan and writer
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