Mis-Chipped ― Another fantastic read

Again, I really don’t have time to write book reviews at the moment, but sometimes the books are too good, and I can’t stop myself.

“Mis-Chipped”, the number six in the delightful series of Doodle mysteries, successor to Susan J. Kroupa’s “Bed-Bugged”, “Out-Sniffed”, “Dognabbed”, “Bad-Mouthed”, and “Ruff-Housed”, is entertaining, thoughtful, and a book you can’t put down!

“Mis-Chipped” is as important as it is fun.

Doodle, the skilled, perceptive, and tolerant Labradoodle, more poodle than Labrador, once again observes and comments on the often incomprehensible actions of those around him. People are simply not as astute or logical as dogs, much to Doodle’s confusion and dismay.

His employer Josh has built his bedbug-detection service around Doodle’s skill at sensing the presence of bedbugs. Josh has come to terms with the separation from his first wife and is now ready for a new relationship with Annie, a dog trainer.

Molly, Josh’s daughter, is again concerned with the welfare of dogs she meets and goes all out to protect them from both evil and clueless adults. As usual she makes mistakes and has to find clever but dangerous ways to remedy them.

This time she discovers problems with chipping one’s dog to make it identifiable and runs into a larcenous photography teacher who puts all her students down. Her mother, Cori, a police officer, helps collect proof against the criminals. Madison Green, a journalist friend known from previous books and Grady’s mother, also comes to Molly’s assistance when Molly wants to rescue her friend Grady’s dog.

This is an exciting book, full of useful information for those who aren’t as familiar with the world of dogs or with dog flyball or with chipping pets. Perhaps more importantly, it is also truthful in its description of human relationships, not sugar-coating any problems but offering a hopeful optimism that everything can turn out all right at the end. Kids are able to persuade clueless adults to listen to them.

This is a book for everyone, of all ages, whether living with or without housepets. It is thrilling and heartwarming, entertaining and comforting, while at the same time informative and optimistic. Do yourself a favor! Buy this book, read this book, and then buy it for others and tell them to read it.



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