Inetbib 2013 – registered

I registered for the Inetbib 2013, and my impatience continues to grow, especially now that I have had time to read some of the abstracts of the talks. As I have mentioned before, the Inetbib is the absolute cutting edge of library work, where you encounter the newest developments first. The program and abstracts promise that this Inetbib will be no exception. I really can’t wait …

I couldn’t stay at any of the suggested hotels because my employer “requests” that we not stay anywhere that costs more than 60€ per night (if we wish to have our costs reimbursed), but I found a cheaper hotel close to one of the recommended ones and hope that I will be able to walk to the Humboldt University. Berlin of course has excellent public transportation, but it’s generally faster if you can walk to and from your hotel.

Now all I have to do is order my train ticket at work, and I’m ready to go!


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retired librarian, science fiction fan and writer
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