Book Review Tule Fog Tales, Issue One

Hoping to reactivate my blog, I have another book review to post. I don’t write many reviews, but sometimes I like a book well enough.

Tule Fog Tales, Issue One

Lyndon Perry’s collection of speculative short stories, published by Tule Fog Press, is a pure delight, a welcome place where you can smile, reflect, and then hope. The stories, ranging from science fiction to fantasy to things in between, are more than mere entertainment. They offer a reason to feel optimistic about the world we live in.

As an insecure teenager, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Nobody comes to accept herself and others.

In Making Worf Proud a bullied young kid finds a way to thwart his foes with the help of Klingon lore.

The Memory Dish deals with the pain of loss in a sensitive and life-affirming manner.

An Astral Advent provides a bright, science fiction take on the Christmas story.

Casting a Vampire is the logical extrapolation of encounters with the undead.

Tucker & Mr. Chilly describes how a mysterious cat took charge and improved its owner’s life, actually gave him a life worth living.

This compilation is a gift people should grant themselves, a way to feel justifiably cheerful even when life circumstances would encourage the opposite.

Buy this collection, enjoy it, and recommend it to others!

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retired librarian, science fiction fan and writer
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